February 13, 2018

Free Program | Visit Bengaluru Aadheenam | Watch Online Livestream

How You Can Attend

Visit Bengaluru Aadheenam | Watch Online Livestream

Register to attend at Bengaluru Aadheenam or watch the livestream online from wherever you are! Once you register, you will be directed to the confirmation page which gives the livestream.

Cost of Attendance: FREE

Participants of the Maha Sadashivaratri℠ program (the Program) understand that all blessings, instructions, initiations, teachings and suggestions made as part of the Program described above are purely in a spiritual capacity and are not intended to be any sort of guarantee or definitive statement about the past, present, or the future or any sort of medical advice, physical or mental. Participants understand that in connection with the Program, Nithyanandeshwar Devasthanam Trust, Nithyananda University, the teachers, organizers, volunteers, promoters and any representative or agent involved with the Program do not make any claims, promises, or guarantees about the individual or group outcome of the Program or its related services.  

All events are subject to change. In the event of a change, we will make every effort to contact registered participants. We must reserve the right to make any changes whatsoever in the event owing to any unforeseen or unavoidable cause; or to cancel the event for any reason beyond our control without notice and without being liable to pay any participant compensation for damages or losses.